Meisterbetrieb für Gitarrenbau




In my workshop, plucked instruments are lovingly built, repaired, restored and maintained by hand. My focus is on acoustic and electric guitars. I also offer various services (e.g. cleaning, fitting pegs, etc.) for stringed instruments. 

In my work, I respond to the customer's wishes and try to get the best out of the instrument in terms of sound. In addition to the sound and the appearance, the playability of the instrument plays a major role. I adjust the instrument optimally, taking into account the playing style and the properties of the wood. This guarantees the joy of making music. 

Whether it's a broken headstock, cracks in the body or defective guitar electronics - everything can be repaired! Every repair is a unique process, so it's best to come by with your instrument and I'll be happy to take a look at it. The appraisal of the instrument is free of charge! Good advice takes time, so please phone and make an appointment. 


I look forward to welcoming you!

Kind regards
Tamara Koller

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